About me

I am Saket Choudhary. I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles. Before joining USC, I graduated with a Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay. I also did a Masters in Computer Science (Data Science track) and Statistics while at USC from the Computer Science and Mathematics departments, respectively.

I develop methods to understand translational-regulation, make mundane bioinformatics task easier, streamline pipelines, and write code to enable easier retrieval of data and metadata. More broadly, I am interested in understanding transcriptional- and translational- regulation in a cross-species context.

I occasionally blog about Statistics and contribute to CrossValidated.

Besides Github, I am also on Twitter and Goodreads.


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Why Piddling Pertinent?

Piddling = Trivial Pertinent = Relevant

Piddling Pertinent = Trivial yet relevant


  • ribotricer Python package for detecting actively translating open reading frames from Ribo-seq data.
  • pysradb Python package for interacting with SRAdb and downloading datasets from SRA.
  • pyseqlogo Python package to plot sequence logos.
  • sklearn-hogsvd Scikit-learn compatible python implementation of higher order generalized SVD.